There is no doubt that one cannot help but feel relaxed after a treatment.  But, did you know that there is a host of other reasons that regular sessions are good for you? These are the best reasons to get a treatment:

Relieve pain​
Recover faster from injury or illness
Prevent future injury
Improve posture
Promote flexibility
Relieve sleeplessness​
Feel good... release those Endorphins!


neck pain

leg injury 

stress or headache 

shoulder pain

hip or back ache


Massage and related body work therapies promote balance in physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of the body. Many of these modalities can be blended within a treatment. The Mosman Massage Therapy team of practitioners are  fully qualified and accredited, offering the following specialities:


When muscles and tendons become damaged and tense, or joints are immobile, Remedial Massage provides a healing treatment designed to explore the original cause and relieve the symptoms. When muscles feel fatigued, stiff and sore, Remedial Massage stretches and lengthens these muscles and reduces spasms. Circulation and the removal of waste products is improved. This form of massage is suitable for problems arising from sports and activities, from the work environment, or from everyday life situations.


Swedish Massage is relaxing and invigorating designed to increase the blood flow, calm or invigorate the nervous system and release toxins from the muscles. A deeply relaxing massage promotes quality sleep, which in turn promotes calming of the mind and repair of tissues. Swedish Massage reduces stress, both emotional and physical.


Sports Massage is the manipulation of the body's ligaments, tendons and muscles as part of one's training programme and health maintenance.  It is also important before, during and after a sporting event.

The aim is to help the individual achieve peak performance, optimise recovery and minimise injury. In helping the muscles return to normal function, activity can be resumed sooner and peak performance sustained. It is not only beneficial to elite athletes, but aslo to the everyday athlete.


Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, specifically the individual muscle fibres to release deeply held tension points.  It is beneficial for many physical problems, including sports injuries and chronic pain.

Deep Tissue Massage usually focuses on specific areas and may cause some soreness during or after the session. Improvement is often felt within a few days after the massage.


Assuming there are no medical conditions, massage in any trimester of pregnancy can be a huge benefit as the body goes through many physical and physiological changes resulting in aches and pains, joint issues, muscle imbalances, fluid retention, circulation issues and lack of energy. Mosman Massage Therapy has available the Belly Bag and Halo Lilo (pregnancy airbed)... designed to safely surround and support your body and baby, while laying face down on the treatment table. Two people now depend on your health and vitality, so Pregnancy Massage should be an integral part of your pregnancy health management.


This bodywork was brought out of the temples of Hawaii by the Kahunas. When experiencing Hawaiian body work people are amazed by the energy they receive from the healing session. Every time you have a Hawaiian Massage you experience something different - sometimes physical healing and relaxation, another time you may feel the unlocking of stuck emotions. The practitioner uses their hands, forearms and elbows and moves around the table (using rhythmical flowing hula and Tai Chi style movements) working with energy while applying soft and deep tissue massage.


Lymphatic Drainage is a specialised massage treatment that has beneficial effects on the Immune, Cardio-Vascular, Endocrine and Nervous Systems of the body, supporting healing, cleansing and detoxification. By using gentle, repetitive massage movements, the lymphatic system is stimulated to balance and improve lymphatic flow, assist efficient fluid circulation, remove congestion and stagnation from the body and encourage the nerves and adrenal systems to a state of balanced functioning. It is a deeply restful and regenerative body treatment.

It is an excellent treatment for fluid retention, sinusitis, chronic or recurring infections and lymph-oedema.  It is also useful for chronic fatigue, stress/adrenal exhaustion, and before and after surgery to reduce scarring and facilitate recovery.


Fascia is a Latin word meaning ‘band’ or ‘bandage’. It is the most pervasive type of tissue in the body (very thin yet  tough) and is continuous from superficial (just under the skin) to deep, in a three dimensional web from head to toe. Every muscle and organ is surrounded by fascia to retain its normal shape. Thus restriction of the fascia can create pain and or malfunction anywhere in the body. People who suffer with pain, decreased range of motion, or both, often have fascial problems.
Myofascial Release is a technique that uses sustained pressure and gentle stretches to release restrictions in the fascial system. The treatment helps eliminate pain and restore motion and function to the body. You will feel your mind as well as your body, unwinding. When your fascia is free, you are free.


Through massage, Aromatherapy applies essential oils (aromatic potions from leaves, flowers and herbs) customised to the needs of the individual, to revive, restore and to heal the body. Aromatherapy helps restore the harmony between body and mind through powerful effects on the senses of touch and smell.


CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on treatment which helps your nervous system re-establish balance and optimum function. We do this by releasing any sort of stress, tension and restriction from your head (Cranio) to your tailbone area (Sacral). We actually work on the entire body with muscles, fascia and fluids since your whole body is interconnected.
The treatment is profoundly relaxing. Most people tend to drift off during the session, which is good, because the body works better relaxed than it does stressed. The result is that you can often experience muscle aches, headaches, sinus, TMJ problem etc ease or disappear. You will have a relaxed body/mind that is able to function more efficiently, effectively and more in harmony at the deepest level. CranioSacral Therapy is very safe and gentle yet very powerful beyond belief.


BCST is a therapy with profound benefits to the mind, body and spirit. This hands-on therapy is non-manipulative and non-invasive. The therapists’ hands tune in to support the inherent healing process possible in each human being.

Performed on a massage table, the client is fully clothed and the touch is light and still.  The treatment focusses on supporting the health of the whole person. BCST influences the central nervous system - the system that dictates all of the body’s functioning.  It also influences the brain and spinal column and the fluid that bathes it.  The therapist supports the unfolding of the clients’ own healing process, to balance and harmonise the systems in the body. Spiritually, BCST can open doors to both the heart and soul, profoundly changing lives.


Every living thing radiates energy – this energy or life force is known as Chi, or Prana. The practice of Reiki draws on this vital life force to channel healing energy to the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is revitalising and deeply healing. It can help release negative energy and patterns in the body. It reduces stress, boosts the immune system, speeds the healing process and calms and balances the emotions and the mind.


A Reiki healing session is safe, simple and gentle. You remain fully clothed lying on a massage table, while the practitioner places her hands on, or just above your body. You will experience deep relaxation and a sense of calm.



This is an ideal therapy to harmonize and balance your body and mind. Purpose designed singing bowls from Japan (Singing Ring) are used directly on your body during a session. You will feel their embracing vibrations throughout your body while hearing the harmonic sounds. The beautiful vibrations will balance your whole body and enhance healing effects on your various systems.
Listening to harmonics enhances blood flow in the brain stem which controls autonomic nerves. An academic study of Singing Ring shows that people experience a most relaxing and meditative state. Deep relaxation is a key factor to be healthy in this stressful modern city life. This therapy can be combined with other forms of therapies (eg. Massage, Lymphatic Drainage etc) even for as short as 5 mins.


A spiritual/shaman healer moves into an altered state of consciousness through specific meditation practices, the beat of a drum, or other sounds that access the hidden reality in the Spirit world. As well the specific spiritual meditation holds you secure as you receive your healing and you may also receive vision with spirit and experience the clearing. The aim in journeying to these spiritual dimensions is to bring forth the higher vibration of the Universe for healing, empowerment, and assist you to reconnect with your Spiritual allies and your true nature. This serves you to integrate and harmonise your mind, body and spirit and live wholly.



this Myofascial Cupping technique lifts and separates soft tissue, unlike standard massage that uses compression. This increases nutrient-rich blood supply to the tissue while giving a passive stretch to the tissue.

This provides profound benefits such as assisting range of motion, and reducing restrictive fascial adhesions


Tarot card reading is a potent, ancient form of divination where you utilise the card meanings and Archetypes to answer your specific questions. A reading empowers you to take your future back in to your own hands, gives you clear direction on the required action to improve your life, ensures co-creation between you and the Universe and realigns you with your Life Purpose and Spiritual Path.


The classic system of Astrology and your natal chart is based on the configuration of the stars within the heavens, at the moment of your birth. 

The information within your natal chart is gathered by the planetary forces, their zodiacal position and the way they relate to each other. These unique patterns influence the basis of your very substance and all expression of your life and past lives. By interpreting these unique patterns, their roles in your chart and creating a synthesis, an astrology reading presents a complete and comprehensive picture of you, your path and your full potential


The ancient art of Psychometry is a psychic skill that enables the practitioner when holding an object, to pick up information about the person who owns it. This is possible because, as science has taught us, all objects have an energy that is constantly moving, and mingling with everything else. That means that if you wear something often, it becomes infused with your energy and therefore can ‘be read’ by a psychic or an intuitive reader. Commonly jewellery or watches are the objects read.