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"I can’t recommend Jacqui and Mosman Massage Therapy highly enough. If you and your body need someone to take away your stresses, strains and pains then look no further. Their therapeutic massage isn’t soft and flaky but deep, powerful and effective. I’ve never had a better massage in my life and I can’t wait to return!! Thank you Jacqui!"

Belinda (Consultant)

"I met Jacqui over 10 years ago when she operated out of a Solarium business in Mosman. I remember being so impressed with her 'touch' that I remarked on how she must have 'camera's in her fingers' as she seemed to know exactly where all my knots were.

After moving to the Eastern suburbs I tried in vain to find someone with a similar ability but eventually gave up, as the more people I tried (or was recommended) the less I was impressed. It took 10 years but  I'm finally back in 'the fold' and experiencing Jacqui's amazing gift once again.

I eagerly look forward to my massage each week and can say with certainty that I won't be going anywhere soon!"

P.S. Love the 'new digs!'

Dominic Peniston-Bird (No: 1 fan!)

"For several years Mosman Massage has provided me relief as an athlete, and I have referred many of my clients in complete faith of all the therapists' very high standards, professional and friendly service."
Garth (Personal Trainer)

"My regular visits to Mosman Massage are the only treatments that have enabled me to continue my job as a bookkeeper in front of a computer screen for more than 8 hours per day......Jacqui works miracles and the ambience of the clinic is delightful and calming. I wouldn't (and haven't) been to another massage therapist since my first visit with Mosman Massage."
Ann (Book Keeper)

"The best massage ever - always. We discovered Mosman Massage about 5 years ago when we lived in Mosman - we have subsequently moved out of the Mosman area however still travel back to Jacqui  as we have never found any where better for a a relaxing,therapeutic and just plain wonderful massage."
Sarah (Financial services consultant)

"I can't live without my monthly remedial massage! Jacqui Tealey is consistent in care and technique. I have recently moved to the northern beaches and would never visit another therapist, the drive is worth it and the benefits of remedial massage continue long after the treatment - I feel and look better rested all week. Only once in 3 years have I cancelled my monthly appointment; when I had severe morning sickness!"
Nicole (Account Manager)


"I sit at a computer all day and punish my body at the gym at night, which invariably leads to strains and injuries. Jacqui is so good at sports massage and knows my body so well, she can identify and fix strains without pointing them out to her! I've had no hesitation in recommending all my gym buddies to see Jacqui also."
Rich (Web Developer)

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